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Volunteer Time Reporting

Thank you for reporting your hours.

The hours you spend volunteering on behalf of Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA) are valuable for a variety of reasons. Not only do they contribute to the enjoyment of our woodlands, trails and open spaces, but also your hours demonstrate the tremendous civic engagement of our volunteers statewide. Please only record hours you have spent on CFPA-based programs or events.

If you were a participant in a CFPA work party or workshop, please do not report those hours here. Your time will be entered from the forms that are returned by your event leader. If you are the event leader, please return all sign-in forms to CFPA for entry.

To get started, please enter your phone number and your first name (you may enter 000-000-0000 and leave the first name field blank if you wish to remain anonymous).

(e.g. 203-555-1212)
(e.g. Bob)